Welcome to the whimsical and wild world of Samantha Ashton.  

Artist, artisan and animal lover, Samantha Ashton is self-proclaimed sea lover and gypsy wanderer with a minimalist style.

Taking inspiration from the gifts of the earth all our products are paraben-free, vegan and perfect for those who wish to nourish their bodies and homes with the wonders of Mother Nature.

Handmade in Britain using all-natural ingredients, we believe in luxury living with eco-friendly products.

Our candles are comprised of 100% sustainable soy wax and all natural wooden wicks that burn with a soft crackling flame, creating the warm atmosphere of an open-fire. Housed in a chic glass jar, adorned with original fashion illustrations and a stainless steel lid, our jars are made to be reused. Simply rinse in warm soapy water to reveal your modern piece of artistic décor!

Our coffee scrub tends to your skin to revive, hydrate and promote a healthy glow. Our blend of natural hydrating and nourishing ingredients will scrub away dead skin cells while targeting cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, and acne; leaving your skin softer and smoother than ever.  We believe in the power of nature to promote strong, healthy bodies and each product has been lovingly prepared with this in mind.